Best budget Hotels in Madrid

Madrid, the capital and the largest city of the country Spain, has a population that sums up to 3.3 million people. The Madrid is spread over an area of around 605.8 square kilometers. Being the capital of the country, it is always understandable that the prices of the products are relatively high to the other cities in the country, especially the hotels in Madrid. If you know to occupy yourself in a hotel of low price, supplied with comfortness and reliability, then your trip to Madrid can become more effective due to the money that you save from the hotels. Here is a list of some of the best budget hotels in Madrid.

Hostal La Casa de La Plaza: Located at the centre of the Madrid, is a hotel that is similar to a hostel, except the fact that there are separate rooms available for themselves. The place is quite clean and noise free and when the expectation about the staying is low, then this is the right place for you to stay in. The hotel is absolutely low of cost and the matter of fact that it is located at the centre of the Madrid, makes it a preferable choice over the other hotels.

Hotel Regina: A good affordable hotel that is located at the Central of the city. It is user friendly and is free of noise. The tourists who visit this hotel are completely overwhelmed with the kind of service that the hotel provides its visitor. It is also that there are shutter blinds, that keep the noise off the hotel. Special prices are also available with over 50% offer of the room rate. This makes it more interesting and reliable place.

Praktik Metropol: The hotel is situated in an excellent location and the hotel is in unbelievable standards for the price for which it is offered to its visitors. The price for the hotel is around 98 Euros for 2 nights. It is cheaper and there are also offers up to 20% that is available. This real find in Madrid to stay is worth for the price it is paid and is highly recommended by its users.

Hotel Francisco: Another hotel at the central of the capital, has unbelievably great heights of standards to be provided for its users. It’s a place with cheap rates and if you are lucky enough to pick a right day wisely, then you can spare a lot of money from being spent. The hotel has got some nice rooms and the location of the hotel is convincingly amazing.

Hotel Riesco: One of the best hotels to be found in the Madrid. The clean rooms and the cheap prices of the hotel is a pleasant surprise for its visitors. The excellent location and relatively affordable price makes this hotel, a highly reliable place to cash in to. Picture Source: © djama –